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Consider creating a raw home studio sample for your website. So that your potential clients can know precisely what to expect from you.This is the format I followed:

The entire thing should be one wav file of around one minute. Cut and paste as needed - but do not apply any processing.Face the microphone and set the distance between the microphone and your mouth at thumb-to-pinkie distance 🤙 You are to maintain a consistent distance throughout the whole thing.Let’s begin.

- Set your gain at conversational level- “Hi, I’m NAME. And this is a raw audio sample of my home studio. I record from inside RECORDING SPACE with EQUIPMENT. And now, here are some claps.”- Take a half-step back, and loudly CLAP in the area where your head was, intentionally peaking the audio. Wait two seconds, and CLAP again in another place. Wait two seconds and CLAP for the third time somewhere else.- Take a half-step forward and go back to where you were.- “And now, here’s five seconds of room tone.”- Hold your breath and do not move for five seconds.- “Here’s a line in a whisper.”- INCREASE your gain to whisper level.- “Guess what: pineapples on pizza are perfectly fine. Let’s all enjoy what we enjoy eating. Here’s a line in a level-one projection.”- DECREASE your gain to level 1 projection.- “HEY! MISTER! YOU FORGOT TO PAY YOUR BILL!" then, at the same energy level: "AND NOW, HERE'S A LINE IN A LEVEL TWO PROJECTION!”- DECREASE your gain to level 2 projection.- “YOU DARE CHALLENGE ME?! A MERE MORTAL?! THIS IS YOUR END! I WILL STRIKE YOU DOWN! AHAHAHAHA!!!!”- Increase your gain to conversational level again.- “Thank you very much for listening! I look forward to working with you.”

Of course, feel free to edit and modify the above as necessary. Do not copy it exactly.Then export to WAV and have it be downloadable from your website!

Acoustic Panels by June

Rockwool Safe 'n' Sound acoustic panels in various colors, designs, and build options.16.5" wide x 48.5" tall x 3.5" deepNow shipping to the contiguous 48 states!Order here:






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Hand-drawn calligraphy & art by Maki Terashima-Fututa

Frame Only

Everything you need except for the front cover

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